21st Sept 2020
Occipital Scanner and iPadOS 14

Dear Customer,

You may be aware that many developers working with iPads were rather caught by surprise by Apple last week when Tim Cook announced that iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14) would launch the following day. Apple would normally provide some advanced warning of such updates to allow development and testing.

As a result, some developers, including some of the largest developers in the world, are warning users not to download the iOS 14 update or they could experience glitches.

Occipital, the manufacturer of Structure Sensor, have advised that there is an incompatibility between iOS 14 on some iOS devices using some apps. Occipital say they are working on solving the issue. Please advise your customers not to update your iPad OS before the issue is resolved. We will let you know as soon as they confirm that the issue has been fixed.

Our initial tests show that our applications work normally with iOS 14. However, you or your customers may be using other applications with the Occipital scanner that are impacted. In cases where the 3rd party app fails it can cause a general failure which will then impact the Taika3D application.

In such cases, the following procedure may resolve the issue:
Open the app you need to use and connect your sensor. If that app does not work as expected, disconnect the sensor. Restart your iPad Launch your app Connect your sensor (This may bring back the functionality of your app)
Note: If you open another Structure Sensor app it may revert the apps so that they do not work well again.

If this happens following the above procedure again may fix it.

To be sure, we recommend not to update the iPad to iOS 14.
1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Select General -> Software Update.
3. Tap Customize Automatic Updates.

software update

4. To allow your device to automatically download updates over Wi-Fi, tap the toggle next to Download iOS Updates so it's in the green ON position.
5. If you don't want software updates to be installed automatically overnight after they've been downloaded, tap the toggle next to Install iOS Updates to the grey OFF position.